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Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.
Designing and constructing HVAC systems, electrical facilities and Clean Room, etc.

Specialty in factory facilities including HVAC systems and Clean Room

Thai Takasago is a Thailand-based affiliated company of Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.
By utilizing Japan's advanced technologies for HVAC, we design, construct and maintain the whole factory facilities.
Our services range anywhere from general air-conditioning, special air-conditioning, Clean Room, Dry Room, temperature/humidity control, various types of production facilities, utilities, electrical facilities, construction in general, and everything in between.
When it comes to factory facilities, you can count on us.
We promise to offer you a Japanesque service under the supervision of Japanese staff.

Our sophisticated services and technologies

HVAC refers to a technology that enables to create the most optimized condition of the air that reflect the needs of each building and factory. Takasago Thermal Engineering offers you amenity space and optimal environment by continuously controlling the HVAC systems.

Energy Solution

As according to the needs of our customers, we provide you one-stop service related to the energy used at your buildings and offices.

Renewal and After-sales services

Planning, designing, constructing and proving after-sales service for your buildings and factorys through their life time is part of our commitment.

Indoor Air Quality Control Technology

For the purpose of creating a clean and comfortable indoor air climate, our technologies are developed

Bangkok RHVAC 2017 Exhibition at Bitec Bangna

【Date】 Sep. 7 - 9 for TRADE, Sep. 10 for PUBLIC
   (10:00 - 18:00)
【Booth】Q48 - Q50
【Product】SWIT System, Dry Technology

Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. has joined the biggest HVAC exhibition in Thailand called “Bangkok RHVAC 2017” for the 3rd time. This year, we take another step to a new level of Energy Saving Technology. We are going to bring the innovative solutions called “SWIT” and not only you get to see SWIT up close but also Dry Room Technology which is the new dehumidifying technology from our parent company Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. We are inviting you to discover new technologies and expand your visions with us in Bangkok RHVAC 2017 on 7th - 10th September 2017 at Bitec Bangna.

Details about SWIT

Core Business

We, with our own sophisticated technology, provides you comprehensive HVAC-based systems engineering services for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining of all types of buildings, factorys and facilities.

Clean Room

To achieve cleaner and more comfortable clean room, we are committed to continuously improve our environmental control technology to minimize the number of particles, bacteria and AMC as well as to control temperature/humidity, airflow and electromagnetic field.

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Optimal HVAC system​

Swirl inducing type stratified air conditioning system - SWIT®​
It achieves both comfort and energy conservation, with a 40% reduction in air conditioning energy use.

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Dry Room​

The Dry Room has been adopted for the development of lithium-ion secondary battery. Our ultra energy-saving drying device called "WINDS" can create an environment where dew-point temperature is at -60°C.

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Energy Saving

Takasago's integrated heat source system is a perfect example.
By coupling general-purpose heat source equipment and control equipment, it allows us to have a system that brings world's leading class energy saving performance at a low cost.

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Photos of our works

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Construction Achievement

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Overseas Network

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