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YN2-Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Company Name
YN2-Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Business Description
Trading sector business(*special Order OK )
Filtration equipment(sales & setting)
Tooling Equipment in the factory *special Order OK
Proposal to comfort of the factory
Taking advantage of the performance of '60 in Japan
We offer the best tooling and equipment to customers

Product Line
Engineering Business(MM&3D printer Maintenance Support)
Modeling Machine (CNC)
3D Printer, 3D Texture
Special tooling for factory
218/23  Romklow Kong Sampraves,Lardkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
TEL 02-1361353-4
FAX 02-3608381
Latest Update 02 Sep 2015
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