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 Linear drive positioning unit

High speed and high power linear drive positioning mechanism using roller gear cams. This is highly anticipated as the next generation linear motion conveyance device that will enable the transportation of heavy materials and industrial robots, which will lead to great improvements in productivity.

CS Series

For Long Stroke Applications
High-speed, High-power, New-Technology Linear Unit

LinerUnit is a fast and high-powered linear drive device based on a roller gear cam mechanism.
A new mechanism is employed in this device, whereby a servo-motor rotates a screw-shaped roller gear cam to move a rail-mounted table in a straight line. This mechanism enables the transfer of heavy loads over long distances at high speed. This has been a serious challenge to previously existing mechanisms.
This virtue facilitates the movement of heavy materials and large multi-functional robots at production sites. It is anticipated to become the next-generation linear transfer device, and will result in even more sophisticated automation in manufacturing and improve productivity on the line.

CS Series (5 Models)
| CS10 | CS16 | CS22 | CS30 | CS40 |

►LinerUnit Catalog [PDF:3.6MB]


►Long stroke

The integrated drive and rail-guided motion unit solves the "rope jumping" effect caused by deflection in ball screws, and overcomes obstacles created by supports that are commonly used between rails to prevent deflection. Simply connect the rails for long stroke applications of 10 meters or longer (length is theoretically unlimited).


Suitable for high-speed motions of 200 m/min or more for drastically reduced moving times. The screw rotates perpendicular to the direction of travel, and has excellent acceleration and deceleration characteristics as well as small residual vibration during sudden stops, reducing system cycle times.


A motor size of 0.75 kW can move a heavy 300-kg load over 4 meters in only 3.5 seconds.

►Excellent durability

Drive power is transmitted by rolling contact for minimal wear and prolonged initial accuracy.
Retains initial repeatability of ±4 μm with virtually no loss even after 10,000 km of travel.
(Repeatability measured after 10,000 km: ±5μm)


In case of accidents such as unit collisions, the affected bearing or unit can be replaced separately, allowing quick and easy recovery of the entire system.

►Multi-axis control

Two or more Liner Units can be installed controlled separately on a single axis, allowing users to create diverse types of motion by combining linear and rotary movements.

►Small footprint

Inline drive and rail design uses 50% less space than other mechanisms.




Latest Update 17 Mar 2021
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