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 Indexing systems

Reliable cam system solutions
Sandex combines indexing equipment with roller gear cams and cam followers. This provides high speed, high performance, and high rigidity. Sankyo was the first to develop this mechanism in Japan. Since then, it has been applied to providing highly precise and highly efficient positioning of such devices as inspection machines, assembly machines, filling machines, etc. Sandex's outstanding performance and reliability record has earned it a sterling reputation.

Indexing drive α(Alpha) Series

The Alpha Series is an all-in-one indexing drive package complete with a cost-effective shaft-mounted gearmotor on a low-profile housing. After reviewing the design, this indexing drive has been made more user-friendly by building on the roller gear cam mechanism found in all of our SANDEX products, which have set high production records.

α Series (8 Models)
| 7AD | 9AD | 11AD | 15AD | 19AD | 23AD | 33AD | 45AD |

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►Flange Output

Dials, gears, sprockets, and other elements can be mounted directly to the output shaft.

►Wide Product Lineup

Available in many sizes and indexing configurations.

►High Rigidity

Flange output surface stays rigid in all directions.


Thin profile housing

►Standard Equipped Gearmotor

The Alpha Series come with a variable frequency drive gearmotor with a hollow output shaft.



 • Welding machines for automotive parts • Tire assembly machines
 • Manufacturing equipment for solar panels • Various assembly and inspection machines


Indexing drive ECO(ED) Series

The ED Series represents a new concept for motion control units, combining cam and motor control technology into a small footprint. This revolutionary concept delivers accuracy and flexible performance in a tightly integrated package. The ED series allows you to program a cam indexer with flexible, stable motion patterns with the same ease of controlling a motor. The package is perfect for benchtop production lines without using excessive drive equipment.

ECO(ED) Series (15 Models)
| ED2.8 | ED3.8(G) | ED4.5(G) | ED6(G) | ED7(G) |
| ED8(G) | ED11(G) | ME7(G) |

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►Wide Product Lineup

Available as a stand-alone indexer, or with a choice of factory-mounted stepping motor, induction motor, or gearmotor.

►No Maintenance

Sealed grease lubrication eliminates the need for oil changes.

►Cleanroom Options

Options are available for preventing rust and corrosion in harsh operating environments.



 • Food (meat) processing machines • Food filling and wrapping machines
 •Electronic components assembly and inspection machines • Various assembly and inspection machines


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