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 Rotary Positioning Drives and Reducers

Zero-backlash technology delivers unsurpassed motion
Our RollerDrive is the ultimate high performance rotary positioning unit. It uses a roller gear cam mechanism for excellent precision, rigidity, and durability. The products in this series deploy variations on their collective strengths, to provide qualities that are specialized for each different application. These strengths included high speed, high precision, high torque to drive heavy loads during positioning, and high rigidity to improve processing quality. They are used in a wide range of applications, including positioning machine axes, in grinders for the edges of LC glass substrates, industrial robots that transfer large glass substrates, and positioners for large automobile welders.

​​ Product Line-up

MR Series

Ultra-compact model

RGV Series  NEW!!

Standard model

RGR Series  NEW!!

Large-Diameter Model

RA Series

Lightweight model

RU Series

High rigidity model


MR Series

World's smallest zero-backlash positioner

With the RollerDrive MR Series, a motor is mechanically reduced while maintaining, and stability. An output motion faithful to input control commands can be attained by achieving zero-backlash with our unique preloaded mechanism. This is a revolutionary Ultra Small FA motion control unit, which combines rolling transmission for high-efficiency and elimination of wear, an orthogonal layout of input and output axes for greater compactness, and standard features like a hollow shaft for greater ease-of-use.

MR Series (3 Models)
| MR20 | MR25 | MR32 | 

►MR Series Catalog [PDF]


►Ultra small, zero-backlash positioner

Ultra small speed positioner that eliminates backlash with its own adjustable preload on the roller gear cam and roller follower.

►Maintenance free

Since there is no deterioration in the precision of the internal parts due to aging, and the unit has excellent durability, there is no need for periodic calibration or adjustment.

►There is a wide range of motors to choose from

A wide range of servo and stepper motors can be installed. (Motors from various motor manufacturers can be used)

►Mounts in any position

The MR main housing can be mounted in any direction, allowing you to create various motions.


Alignment table   Turning and swinging arms   Handling unit


RGV Series  NEW!!


Varied lineup of reduction ratios and sizes
Large output torque from a compact servo motor


RGV Series (5 Models)
| RGV040 | RGV063 | RGV080 | RGV100 | RGV125 |

►RGV Series Catalog [PDF]


►Varied lineup of reduction ratios and sizes

►Large output torque from a compact servo motor

►Capable of handling heavy and uneven loads easily

►Lightweight and compact



RGR Series  NEW!!

Large-diameter hole model with an open area of 30%
Significantly improved freedom of wiring and piping design


RGR Series (3 Models)
| RGR063 | RGR080 | RGR100 |

►RGR Series Catalog [PDF]


►Large-diameter hole model with an open area of 30%

►Improved freedom of wiring and piping design

►Large output torque from a compact servo motor

►Capable of handling heavy and uneven loads easily

►Thin and lightweight body


RA Series

The RA Series is a zero-backlash reducer designed for small to medium-size FA applications. It delivers high accuracy, rigidity, and speed. The RA is suitable for equipment that demand motions with a high level of accuracy and speed.

RA Series (5 Models)
| RA40 | RA63 | RA80 | RA100 | RA125 |

►RA Series Catalog [PDF:4.9MB]


►Zero Backlash

The RollerDrive uses a unique preload mechanism to completely eliminate backlash and deliver output motions that are faithfully true to input commands. Positioning accuracy is particularly good with direction reversing motions.

►Highest Level of Accuracy in the RollerDrive Series

Delivers good positioning accuracy and runout accuracy, which are otherwise difficult qualities to attain with a small reducer.

►High Rigidity

The output shaft is a solid-piece cross roller bearing designed for durability against axial and radial loads.

►High Speed

Max output speed 150 rpm (200 rpm for the RA40)

►Choice of Motors

Dedicated fittings are available for mounting motors from various manufacturers.

►High Efficiency, Direct Drive

Motor couples directly to the input shaft for a direct transfer of power with less transfer loss.

►Lightweight, Compact

Features a compact aluminum-alloy housing for minimal footprint.

►Large diameter hollow output shaft

This enables easy wiring and piping, and a broader range of design possibilities, such as passing the shaft of other equipment through the hole.

►Cross roller

A highly-rigid cross roller bearing with extremely small deflection is built into the output section.

►Motor shaft coupling

The motor shaft is rigidly coupled with the reducer input shaft. Motor motion is transmitted directly. The motor base structure enables absorption of mounting error (Patent pending)


high-speed positioner   Inspection device   Turning, Oscillating Arm


RU Series

This versatile all-purpose model is suitable in variety of industries. It provides both performance--such as precision and rigidity--and functionality--such as a high gear ratio and environmental robustness-regardless of the application.

RU Series (5 Models)
| RU40 | RU63 | RU80 | RU100 | RU125 |
►RU Series Catalog [PDF:4.5MB]

Large RU Series (6 Models)
| RU160 | RU200 | RU250 | RU315 | RU400 | RU500 |
►Large RU Series Catalog [PDF:4.8MB]


►Heavy-duty drive with a compact motor

Our product lineup includes high gear ratio reducers that use proprietary reducer gears to deliver heavy torque using a small servomotor. Gear ratios are 1/20, 1/60 (RU40 comes with 1/15 or 1/45)

►High rigidity

The internal structure was redesigned with a cast iron housing and heavy-duty output bearing for high rigidity.

►Flexible servomotor options

Compatible with a wide range of servomotor sizes (for each brand). Servomotors are coupling-mounted for installation. Easy to install even for first-time users.

►Suitable for use in harsh environments

We offer a water-proof and dust-proof option that uses a special seal for protection against washdown and dust-prone environments.


Welding positioner   Table for the manufacturing machine    
Glass edge face grinding machine   Using the hollow shaft for crimping   Automotive welding and assembly process


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