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We suggest the optimization of FA, and build system by perfect structure.

 Main System 

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Supplier Achievement example

Automobile Maker Engine processing line

Semiconductor Device Relate LCD infrastructure inspection 
SECS・GEM layer communication 

Electronic Equipment Maker BD-ROM manufacturing device

General Machinery Maker Equipment group management Intranet data distribution system

Food Maker Can production line monitoring

Medical & Pharmaceutical Maker Appearance substance
Medicine management system

Power Industrial Plant Power management system

Public Facility Water treatment monitoring system
Tunnel substation equipment monitoring

 Traceability System (MES)

 Position Detection System​

 High-Speed & High-Accuracy
Alignment System

 Facility Monitoring System (WEB)


Traceability System (MES)

We realize MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution for managing energy information, quality data or operating performance (number of production, tact time) of each line.


Takebishi Original Product
 DeviceXPlorer OPC Server

The communication software that supports OPC Ole for Process Control) of OPC Server manufacturing industry standard.
Since it supports PLC and NC around the world, it is possible to build a system that does not depend on hardware equipment.

Takebishi Original Product
 DeviceXPlorer Data Logger

The data collection software that can be implement by non-programming to collect and monitor data of control equipment and instrumentation device.
By combination with DeviceXPlorer OPC Server, it is enabling data collection data at the fastest in 50 milliseconds.

►Mitsubishi MC Works64

3D graphic support SCADA

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Position Detection System

Detect the location information of the line operator from radio waves that emitted ID badge, can know the movement history and destination.

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High-Speed & High-Accuracy Alignment System

The positioning mark is captured by multiple cameras, positioning correction of XY will be done with high-speed, high-precision. Rough positioning process is not necessary, it is contribute to improve productivity and cost savings.

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Facility Monitoring System (WEB)

By the multi-axis motion control system of the 100 axis, provide a consistent line up from material processing to inspection process, based on the recipe data.

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