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Manufacturing of Transparent molded products, Plastic lens, Light guide plates and Light guide rods

Ethyl Silicates and Methyl Silicates

Ethyl Silicates and Methyl Silicates are used as various chemical materials for the binders of zinc-rich paints and precision casting, cross-linking agents of RTV silicone rubber, and additives for anti-fouling paints.
These products are also used as starting materials of organic-inorganic polymer hybrids.
Ethyl Silicates have infinite possibilities for the many applications and the R&D will be continued in the future.

Binders for Zinc-rich Primers

Binders for Precision Casting

Additives for Anti-fouling Paints


Consolidating agents for stone monuments of cultural properties

SS-101 is applied to some ceramic materials with many micropores. It penetrates deeply into stones such as tuff and limestone, and can be imparted water-repellent and strengthened functions. The water-repellent function can prevent the growth of moss and algae on the surface for a long period, and it has an excellent effect on maintaining the appearance. SS-101 is used for repairments of cultural properties in Japan and outside of Japan.
For instance, SS-101 is used for the conservation of the Giant Buddha, Thailand.






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