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Functional Coating (Anti-static) Agents

Our functional coating material ”COLCOAT N-103X” is a product derived from original "COLCOAT" which was developed by our founder, Yukio Noguchi, in 1951. The coated layer of this product has many outstanding properties such as improvement of transparency, prevention of the elusion of low molecular weight oligomers, and surface protection in addition to anti-static properties on the plastic films and molded plastics.

Transparent/Inorganic/Multi-functional coating

You can use COLCOAT N-103X as one component coating. COLCOAT N-103X forms glass-like layer which has hydroxyl groups by heat treatment. The coating of COLCOAT N-103X which possesses transparency and low refractive index can adhere to the plastic films like PET. COLCOAT N-103X provide lots of functions as follows.

Addition of anti-static function

When COLCOAT N-103X is coated on insulating material (Surface Resistivity : over 1016Ω), it will work to keep the surface resistivity as 108~109Ω for long terms and prevent electrostatic damage like an adhesion of foreign substances and destroying a base material due to discharging.

COLCOAT N-103X is used as an anti-static agent for release films.

Improvement of optical characteristic

COLCOAT N-103X provides base materials with good optical characteristics due to forming transparent siliceous films. For instance, The light transmittance improves from 87% to 91% when COLCOAT N-103X is coated on a PET film. Therefore, the item can be applied to optical objects like a polarization plate and a lens.

Function of a primer

COLCOAT N-103X has hydroxyl groups in the molecular structures so the coatings of the product may provide the surface with hydrophilic property and a good wettability. COLCOAT N-103X is good for a primer because it improves adhesion between a base material and overcoats.


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