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Thai Shinryo Ltd.
Experts in design and construction of various types of plant equipment

Clean Room

Professional design and high quality equipment selection among wide range of applications.

THAI SHINRYO, we control concentration of airborne particle to specific limits…..

For electronic parts, semiconductors, precision machines, optics, printed circuits, pharmaceutical and food industries. Required cleanliness level differently, we have designed and built for many applications of clean room in various productions over 100,000 clean rooms, continuously.

Design principle bases on the standard including the latest ISO standard for customer satisfactions and customer requirements.

For ensure cleanliness, we regulate all clean room work step by step (it is called "Protocol"), control worker and staff uniform, delivered material and equipment clean up method, and tools bring in the clean room area.

Test and commissioning is one of most important task. We test and measure many items what customer requires like a particle count, temperature and humidity, air flow parallel, etc.

Experienced Projects

►►► Clean Room (Class 100)


Latest Update 23 Mar 2018
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