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Thai Shinryo Ltd.
Experts in design and construction of various types of plant equipment

Air Conditioning Work (HVAC)

Beyond conventional design to enhance the utmost comfortable living.

THAI SHINRYO, we design, install and maintain the various types of Air Conditioning and Ventilation System, including Chilled Water System, Cooling Water System, Direct Refrigerant System and auxiliary systems.

Comprising of various equipments such as Water Cooled Chiller, Air Cooled Chiller, Absorption Chiller, Water Cooled Package, Air Cooled Package, High Pressure Air Handling Unit, Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), etc.

Experienced Projects

►►► Environmental Control System

    Room Condition Control

Nowadays with the competitive situation, the quality assurance comes against with the competitive price to affirm that the product has long life supporting to customer's need and satisfactory. Production line is controlled conditions such as temperature and humidity to assure that the product has equality such as new physical impression, no rust and no oxide effecting to your product.

Moisture control is a main activity to ensure no change physical characteristics of product such as electronic parts, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing industry and paper industry, etc.

Latest Update 29 Apr 2020
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