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Wire Bundling Tube with Hock Button
【Hock Tube】



It can be used to bundle the wires around the door and various wiring harnesses and to protect the wires at the panel board and pipes


> Features

The wires can be wounded with the bundling tube and then can be fixed by doing the hock buttons up.

As the wires can be easily treated for bundling or unbundling, the design change of the wiring and the maintenance can be made freely and the distribution wires can be pulled out from any place.

It can be cut freely in the length and it is much economical with lesser loss.

The hock button is made of Nylon with good insulating property.


> Products

Fire-resistant Type
【HTN Type】


Ultra fire resistant Type
【HTZ/HTV Type】

Noninflammable Type
【HTY Type】


Weatherproof Noninflammable Type
【HTYM Type】

Fire resistant and Ecology Type
【HTE Type】



Electromagnetic wave shield Type
【HTS Type】


Reversible Type
【HTN-R Type】





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