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Suzuki Kozai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Specialist in spring materials, EDM wires, and cemented steel carbide jigs for coiling machine!

    Dust collector for welding fumes
 ​  Fume Clean

Dust collection from fine point of welding torch to large space

Suzuki Kozai (Thailand) is the authorized distributor of Topre Corporation's "Hume Clean".

About welding fumes

Actual examples

Product introduction

After-sale service / maintenance



About welding fumes

Welding fume is hazardous against human body. Did you know?

Healthy lungs    Pneumoconiosis     Number of pneumoconiosis patients for
each dust operation

Refine &smelt



Actual examples

 Welding Robot --- welding fumes suction from fine point of welding torch

 Manual welding --- welding fumes suction from suction inlet"




Product introduction

 ► Fume Clean for suction type torch (FCU3)

Welding Fumes

Suction Torch



①Automatic filter cleaning

 ・Pulse jet ・Long-life filter

②Space saving

・30% smaller than the previous model

④Fire proof

Thermostat Fire-resistant filter
Metal filter Fire-resistant Hose

⑤Suction torch

・Abundant models
Fume Clean for suction type torch
Compatible to  each welding manufacturer

Fume Clean for suction type torch

 ► 5HP Fume Clean (FCU5)

 ●System example: Installation at  fabrication line  (Upper Suction + Duct)

Welding fumes

Suction unit

Fume Clean 5HP

 ► Large type Fume Clean

Push Unit

Pull Unit



After-sale service / maintenance

Contact us for After-sale service & maintenance from the link below.
Siam Advance Tech Technology Co., Ltd.

Feel free to contact us!




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