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Thermocouple, Heater, Oven, Hot Air Generator, Heat related equipment [Contact] Piyawat(TH/JP/EN) 09-0979-0877

We are specialist in measurement & heat controlling.

SIAM SANKO we are professional in “HEAT”

We are proud of our abundant knowledge about heat.
With the motto of our Vision & Philosophy, “What we should be for consumers!”, we will deliver the best products for everyone’s need.
We are pleased to offer you our goods which have proven.


【Generate and control heat】 Hot air generator / Oven / Far infrared oven / Temperature control panel

【Generate Heat】 Cartridge heater, Electric heater, Sheath heater, Micro heater, Rubber heater, Plug heater, SIC heater, Radiant heater

【Heat Measurement】Sheath Thermocouple, R Thermocouple, Resistance Temperature Detector, Duplex Thermocouple

Japan Quality

In Japanese companies in Thailand, we are one and only that have a wealth of knowledge and products that are related to heat.
We will continue to provide Japan quality with responsibility.

We accept from one order to large orders

As a manufacturer specializing in heat related business of career of 30 years, we can support all needs from one to large order, OEM or trial production.


We have manufacturing factory, sales & purchase office at Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and China.
We look forward to become a global company by expanding sales network to ASEAN.

What's New ! 

 English page has been released!

Dec. 2016

 ISO9001:2015 certified !

Sep. 2016

 Hot air generator & Drying machine production available in Thailand

Feb. 2016


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ISO9001:2015 Certification

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Recommended Products

Drying machine with Hot Air Generator

Both Hot Air Generator and Drying Machine production is now available in Thailand.

Standard Hot Air Generator​
5kw 10kw 15kw 20kw 25kw 30kw 200V 380V

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Our Products

SHG Model Hot Air Generator

Simple design, and excellent performance.

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We have abundance of heat related products, such as Cartridge heater, Micro heater, Band heater, Sheath heater, Immersion heater for aluminum.

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Temperature Sensor

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 Temperature Calibration Service 

The quality and maintenance of the thermometer is a very important factor, in factories where heat treatment and strict temperature control are required.
Our company not only manufactures thermometers, but also guarantee that the thermometer can display the correct temperature by performing temperature calibration.
Please use our temperature calibration service, for quality maintenance, quality assurance, ISO etc.


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