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Yamato Gokin Co.Ltd.
Specialists in copper alloys, we will deliver it from Japan.

Corporate History

Fuji Tokushu Kinzoku Kenkyujo (laboratory) was established in Maeno-cho, Shimura, Itabashi-ku in 1941by Shigeru Hagino, our founder. Manufacturing began of crystalline miniaturized high-intensity alloys (YG bronze) which were researched and developed and were used as special materials for vehicles, aircrafts, torpedoes, and other important machine parts. As their performance began being widely recognized, their demands improved very rapidly.

To respond to such a situation, our laboratory was reorganized into Yamato Gokin Co., Ltd. in April 1943. Full-scale manufacturing of these special high-intensity alloys allowed us to deliver significant results through the provision of all types of manufacturing machinery parts as well as important weapons for Japan's military forces.

Although we had to close down the company due to the sudden turn of events after the war ended in 1945, we once again were able to rebuild it without changing the name. This was in April 1953 when post-war conditions stabilized and industry demands for materials increased.

The post-war period was when we adopted more new technologies. Based on our long years of experience, we conducted both manufacturing and research to focus on the production of specials materials such as vehicle-reinforcing materials, jigs for train lines, all types of important moving parts, and consumable parts. As a result, we have continued enjoying great sales.

At the same time, we also conducted research and development of all types of special aluminum bronze and YG, SY, and YMB alloys which are miniaturized alloys based on the aforementioned as well as precipitation-hardened alloys including chromatic copper and beryllium. As a plant manufacturing special copper alloys, we are being considered quite rare and thus have acquired enough trust in the industry.

Shigeru Hagino first worked in Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd. where he was in charge of research and testing of arms bronze, the initial type of miniaturized alloys. Completing its industrial production, he continued working on this type of alloy for over 60 years. Indeed, his field experience is the longest and there is no doubt that he is deeply knowledgeable of special alloys. Therefore, he is considered extremely reliable throughout the industry.


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