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Yamato Gokin Co.Ltd.
Specialists in copper alloys, we will deliver it from Japan.

Molding/Processing (welding, casting, forging, hot extrusion, cold-worked abstraction, heat treatment, etc.)

Our company owns a number of facilities dealing with different types of plastic working including forging, extrusion, and abstraction.
Therefore, we are able to allow customers to choose the processing method that best suits their aims and needs.
We are also happy to respond to your needs of metal manufacturing focusing on one operation only.
Our respective facilities for welding, casting, forging, hot extrusion, drawing, heat treatment, and various tests (destructive testing, nondestructive testing) may be used extensively and effectively.
For example, we also are willing play the role of the subcontractor and undertake such operation that only requires forging. Please feel free to consult us.

[Manufacturing Facilities]

Melting furnace, high-frequency induction furnace 10, 30, 150, 1000kg
Melting furnace, heavy oil furnace 200, 400, 500kg
Melting furnace
Melting furnace, gas furnace
Midfrequency induction furnace 380kg, 3000kg
Forging facility, air hammer 1/2t, 3/4t, 1t, 2t
Forging facility
Extrusion facility, manipulator
Direct extrusion press 300, 500, 750, 1000kg, 2700kg
Heat treatment facility, heavy oil furnace (quantity: 1)
Heat treatment facility, gas furnace (quantity: 1)
Heat treatment facility, electric furnace (quantity: 4)
Mechanical processing facility, lathe (quantity: 16)
Mechanical processing facility, milling machine (quantity: 7)
Mechanical processing facility, NC lathe (quantity: 2)
Mechanical processing facility, CTB band saw (quantity: 1)
Mechanical processing facility, band saw (quantity: 12)
Mechanical processing facility, chip saw (quantity: 4)
Mechanical processing facility, press (50-250t)

Continuous casting machine


Surface finishing machine


[Testing Equipments]

Rockwell hardness scale (quantity: 2)
Brinell hardness tester (quantity: 2)
Shore hardness meter (quantity: 1)
Micro Vickers hardness testing meter (quantity: 1)
Atomic absorption analyzer (quantity: 1)
Amsler universal tester (quantity: 1)
Supersonic flaw detector (quantity: 2)
Fluorescent flaw-detecting test equipment (quantity: 1)
Hayama abrasion tester (quantity: 1)
Conductivity indicator (quantity: 2)
Microscope (quantity: 2)
Metallographic microscope (quantity: 2)

Chemical disposal facility for Dye check

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